Saturday, January 27, 2007


This is a frite fork. You eat frites with it. Preferrably, with mayo.

Just back from day #1. Juniors and U-23's rolled today. The crowds were out for both races and the u23 race felt damn close what tomorrow could feel like. Imagine this: get up, walk to a train, pay $4, have it drop you off at the front of the Worlds Course gate. In America? Someday.

It was supposed to be an epic battle between Niels Albert and Lars Boom but Big Orange Guy KILLED it today and put huge time into Niels after lap 2.

Saw a very rare, "you've seen it here first" bike in both races. We ended up scoping it out a bit more in the team area and yes, it looks like Time will be doing a cross frame for next year. Uh oh.

The course is tough: a difficult sand feature; many super-slick uphill drags; a wicked mud descent. It was sunny and about 5-10c so it was nice to have the continuous warm sans rain. Who knows what is in store for tomorrow.

Ran into Myerson, Dan, and Ben Turner at the race. Lots of US people here. Some great to see, some you run the other way. On the train home, there was a contingent of Dutch high schoolers who were wasted and psyched that Lars won and Niels lost. They were getting into everyone's face including mine. After a few racial slurs, it looked like it was going to get ugly.



IF Chicks said...
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BobkeStrut said...

Kudos to your black and white photo of the sand pit. That's a great shot.