Monday, January 29, 2007


And the euros were making fun of us for crashing our own teammates out? It's hard to talk about Page's effort yesterday and do it justice. The dude was so PRO. Yes, he let Erwin slide by on the last up/down section just before the up/over bridge, but he went when it was time to go, had the courage to stay off the front and not work or wait for Franzoi, he was calm when Vervecken made contact, and he attacked twice on the final lap. So much respect for Page.

Here's what you call "5-on1" action:

What happens when the US sprays the rattle can of "ugly" on the team kits:


When Nascar meets Fidea supporters:

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IF Chicks said...

Sorry I didn't see you in the massive hoards ! I was out in back section yesterday near staircase run up all day (you couldn't move withoutlosing your spot)..the Belgians really hate the dutch !!

email later when i reurn to usa (i am in grenoble france)